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Lifeline Syria

In response to ongoing humanitarian refugee crisis, World Aid Humanity Foundation worked with Lifeline to sponsor refugee families in Canada. This program was initiated in 2015. 

World Aid Humanity Foundation welcome its first sponsored family in June 2018. 

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Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

Under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) formerly known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Private Sponsorship Program; World Aid Humanity Foundation sponsored another Syrian Refugee in collaboration with United Church of Canada. This program was initiated by Govt. of Canada under the guidelines of UNHCR. 

World Aid Humanity Foundation sponsored and supported the refugee for one year under the commitment with United Church of Canada & IRCC. 


Water Wells

1 in 10 people on the planet lack clean drinking water. Water is basic need for all of us.


World Aid Humanity Foundation has sponsored & worked with Penny Appeal to install water wells & hand pumps in Pakistan. These wells provide fresh clean drinking water to locals. These sources are also used for agricultural purposes. 

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Hot Meals

5.8 million people across Canada are living with insecure or inadequate access to food. 

World Aid Humanity Foundation is providing hot meals in downtown Toronto & Hamilton areas. We sincerely thank the participant restaurants who offer hot meals and fighting hunger problems with us. 


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Winter Clothes

One in six in Canada have struggled with inadequate winter clothing. Warm winter clothing is essential for survival in Canada. 

World Aid Humanity Foundation conducts New Winter Clothes Program every year where we ask community members to donate brand new winter clothes for all sizes. These winter clothes help under privilege to stay warm in harsh cold Canadian weather. 

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Sponsor A Child

World Aid Humanity Foundation is a regular Sponsor of a child under World Vision 'Sponsor A Child' Program. This sponsorship helps break the cycle of poverty of a child. This sponsorship provides access to basic necessitites such as food, clean water, education and health care to children.  


Mentoring Youth

World Aid Humanity Foundation has partnered with many small & medium businesses in Greater Hamilton & Toronto Area to provide mentoring and leadership opportunities to youth especially from under-represented communities. 

This program offers life changing opportunities to our youth and enhance possibilities for brighter future.

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